Microsoft’s Kaizala an Alternative for WhatsApp for Businesses

Published Date : Jul 27, 2017

Facebook’s WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging and voice calling app, which gained its popularity due to its easy user-interface properties. And, in the recent past, Mark Zuckerberg has been trying to add business applications for its WhatsApp app. Stiffening up the competition, Microsoft has launched its new app “Kaizala,” a messaging app specifically made for businesses.

Although WhatsApp is a magnificent app for common people to use for casual conversations, there are a few limitations that restrains this app to be used for business applications. One of them is the limitation of members that can be added to a group. In addition to that, the group conversations create mess when more people start to contribute.

Prominent Features of Kaizala that Make it Better Business App than WhatsApp

Kaizala is expected to overcome the aforementioned complications. This app has no limits on the number of members in a group. Furthermore, groups can be added to another groups that allows people to reach more audience. Kaizala also allows to create surveys, documents, and polls that could generate precise results for the users on Kaizala. This app is specifically build for the people who want to interact (text or voice call) to a lot of people quickly and simultaneously.

Many companies need this service as it will allow them to efficiently survey their audiences. This app is expected to add more to its services. One of which is using location based data. With this service, users can explore nearby groups and may get messages and invitations from them. This will be very useful for the local businesses as they can find nearby users and message them about the discounts or offers they are providing.

Kaizala is an app made for smartphones having operating systems iOS and Android. This app also has pro version that will allow users to get advanced user and group authorities. This app has been launched exactly at the time when Facebook is trying to focus on business applications of WhatsApp. WhatsApp has been working on services to be provided for business use, but a major competitor has already arrived for it.