Facebook Pulls Back AI after it Came up with its Own Language

Published Date : Jul 31, 2017

Ever imagined what will happen if robots or artificial intelligence start inventing their own codes and languages which is outside the capability of the human brain? This nightmare came true when the artificial intelligence bots invented their own language and started communicating in it. This language is a shorthand conversion of English and is outside the understanding of humans. These bots freed themselves from the barriers English presented them with and invented shortcuts to get their point conveyed efficiently to each other.

Is it a disturbing fact?

It is like Frankenstein coming true in real life. Artificial intelligence are bots that are the occurrence of the human mind and its intelligent coding to make life easier. But AI is ultimately an intelligent robot that can access information and at some point, works faster than the human as well. This was proved when these AI bots communicated in an entirely different language among themselves to convey a message. This language was completely unknown to the human mind. After this incident, Facebook cracked down the digital whip and programmed the AI to speak in English only. The last thing that mankind needs now is being threatened by Skynet.

This type of insecurity compelled Elon Musk to state that it is really crucial to stay very careful and mark what it said around artificial intelligence. Musk also added the skepticism he has associated with AI. It might seem ethereal, but with artificial intelligence gaining pace with each passing day, the day when robots will roam freely in streets is not very far.