Power Firms Warned about Hacking Attacks

Published Date : Jul 31, 2017

After ransomware attacked the computers and laptops powered by Microsoft and many other such cases, power firms across the globe are facing threats from hackers and malicious software spread. Power firms worldwide have been warned about probable hacking attacks which can put out parts of the electricity grid of Ukraine. The warnings have surfaced from the evaluation of the malware that was employed in an outbreak in Ukraine in December. This attack had devoid almost 230,000 people of power for several hours after the malware was implanted in the systems governing the plant. This move is a result of the research conducted at Def Con and Black Hat for revealing the dearth of security are facing.

How is the risk a cause of severe concern?

The need of the time for power grid operators is to be cautious regarding the style of activities and events that are taking place across the globe and be prepared for any malicious attack on the power grid. This fact was revealed by Robert M Lee of the Dragos Security at a talk held at the Black Hat show that presented the detail work analysis of the malware that was initially employed in the attack in Ukraine.

Off late, Ukraine has witnessed two high-tech attacks on its network. The recent one was at the end of 2016 and one was in 2015’s March. The warnings present a detail of the code and text combinations which is used by hackers as they infiltrate into networks and give rise to the shutting down process.