Below 21s Lifestage App Flops of Facebook

Published Date : Aug 09, 2017

Facebook is known for adding innovative and attractive applications for gaining an upper hand over its competitors. It had launched an application 21s Lifestage targeting the young population and it was video based to make it appear more attractive. But within just a year of its launch, Facebook pulled it off. Lifestage was basically designed for connecting students studying in the same university or school and making their posts attainable to each other. But it started facing denigration for having limited controls pertaining to privacy and a pretty complex user interface.

Further Insights

Lifestage was created by a project manager who was a youngster himself when it wound up plainly accessible on the iOS App Store later in August 2016. Members were urged to answer individual inquiries by recording video answers and were compensated with emoji designs for doing as such.

Clients should be under 21 years of age to see others' profiles, yet the product could be tricked into giving access if more established individuals wrote in false birth dates. The application extended to Android later in October 2016, however never accomplished mass appropriation.

The application joined a long list of other cancelled applications. They include groups which is a standalone method to engage with friends and families with a common interest and poke which is a way to send messages to friends that disappears after 10 seconds. The other applications were slingshot, paper, notify, riff, and rooms.