Google Cancels Town Hall over Employees Online Harassment Concerns

Published Date : Aug 11, 2017

For Google, which recently fired an employee named James Damore, for posting an internal memo that created a diversity controversy by stating that women lose out to men in technological jobs on account of inherent biological differences, more trouble is brewing. Recently, a town hall meeting – meant to address the controversy that erupted on account of the memo – inside Google, had to be scrapped on account of employees concerns over online harassment.

Women, Trans Men, and Colored Employees Targeted

So far, many Google employees, have been pummeled for criticizing the memo publically. A couple of days back, a 4chan-related Twitter account posted screenshots from the Twitter accounts of 14 employees of the multinational company, who were one among the three – a woman, a man of color, or a trans man. All of them – including CEO Sundar Pichai – have been at the receiving end of abuse for speaking out against the memo.

Danielle Brown, who has recently assumed the mantle of VP of diversity at Google, found his profile in the first set containing eight screenshots. Soon after, she locked her Twitter account to thwart the barrage of abuse.

Even though, it is suspected, that the abuse of Googlers is by outsiders, anxieties continue to mount on account of publication of screenshots from the internal Google+ on alt-right channels (Alt-right is a term used to describe conservatism which includes white nationalists, racist groups, and Nazis).

The all hands meeting stands cancelled now, as employees fear online backlash after their names and questions on Dory – an internal Q&A tool allowing staff to ask questions before meetings – were leaked on alt-right sites online.