Why You Need Lima Ultra

Published Date : Aug 17, 2017

The Lima Ultra is a tiny device which is gearing towards customers who wish to access a file and a backup system irrespective of the OS they use. Lima Ultra does so, by allowing users to create their own personal cloud and thus they have hit mainstream. After it has been connected to a router, Lima Ultra can be accessed froma cross the globe and users retain their fullest control over their data and yet not pay any kind of subscription fee for making use of a cloud service. Lima ultra is a successor to the original ultra and has an improved CPU and a hardware that is designed to offer higher power and efficiency. It is equipped with a 1.5GHz processor and more RAM than its predecessor. Thus, the Lima Ultra has improved transfer and streaming speeds.

The ease of use and quick transferring of files between systems so as to access them through others is one of the chief reasons why Lima Ultra is being considered as an alternative to Dropbox by many. The core strength of this device lies in its user friendliness and is a way of backing up files and storing them, useful for users who wish to view their data over multiple systems. Lima Ultra eliminates storage limitations on mobile devices by enabling remote access and the technology used for this is called hologram files technology, wherein users can stream content directly from their personal cloud rather than storing them locally on their devices.