Chatbot aids Students to Choose Courses

Published Date : Aug 18, 2017

Leeds Beckett University has propelled a chatbot to enable imminent understudies to locate the correct course. It takes after the distribution of A-level outcomes in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Utilizing Facebook Messenger's chatbot innovation, understudies would have the capacity to "survey their reasonableness" for various courses, the college said.

Yet, in the event that they would want to address a human, telephone lines will keep on being open all through the clearing procedure. The head of the university’s digital engagement and experience, Dougal Scaife, stated that they realize that their imminent understudies as of now utilizes heaps of informing programming for speaking with their companions, for instance, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and additionally messaging, so building up a chatbot was a characteristic development keeping in mind the end goal to draw in with our planned understudies in a medium that is omnipresent, natural, and agreeable for them.

Further Insights

A researcher at Ovum, Pamela Clark-Dickson opines that it is a sustainable and efficient use of technology. With each passing day, more and more institutions are adopting chatbots and for easy tasks that are likely to be effective and useful in the future. These kind of technologies frees human engagement for more complex tasks. Georgia Tech University and Leeds Beckett are one of the first universities to employ chatbots and artificial intelligence for student enrollment and course selection.

The chatbot is dubbed as Jill Watson as it is mainly powered on the technology of IBM named as Watson.