Samsung Smart Speaker Powered by Bixby to Compete HomePod, Home, Echo

Published Date : Aug 24, 2017

Samsung mobile president, DJ Koh has said that the company’s smart speaker is about to enter the industry. This statement has come ahead of an interview on the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Leading news reporters have also confirmed that the Korean manufacturer has been working on a smart speaker, just as HomePod by Apple, Home by Google, and Echo by Amazon. Koh has told a prominent news reporter that the company will soon make an announcement about it.

Samsung Vega to Dive in Voice-activated Smart Home Speaker Competition

As reported by The Wall Street Journal in July, a Samsung smart speaker is in the works and would be powered by the company’s voice assistant, Bixby. The voice assistant has been expected to be similar to Google’s Assistant or Apple’s Siri. While sundry other specifications and features have still being decided, as per the Journal, Samsung has been developing the speaker with code name Vega for over a year. With the launch of this smart speaker, the company would enter a swarming sphere of stationary, voice-activated speakers, which could be used to do everything from listening to knock-knock jokes to playing music in a living room or kitchen.

Several tech firms have been anticipated to now expect smart speakers to be transformed into hubs that power future smart homes. These appliances have been predicted to be significantly promoted in terms of popularity and garner hefty sales by the end of 2020.

Besides opening up about the smart speaker, Koh continued the interview conversation with a talk about the launch of a new smartwatch, the next model in the Gear S series.