Freshworks Announces Acquisition of Zarget

Published Date : Aug 29, 2017

Freshworks, a cloud-based business software vendor, has announced the acquisition of Zarget, a software startup. It is Freshworks’ ninth acquisition over the last two years. The conversion rate optimization (CRO) tool suite of Zarget assists designers and marketers in understanding the method of interaction between users and their websites. With this acquisition Freshworks, is focusing on creating marketing solutions for large-, mid-, and small-sized businesses.

Girish Mathrubootham, the founder of Freshworks, and a few of the initial staffs were the angel investors in Zarget. These investors have been paid only their primary investments back, that too without any added financial returns in order to evade any conflict of interest as a part of the deal, as stated in the official statement from the enterprise. Freshworks’ software manages customer engagement across each of the aspects of the customer expedition, from acquisition to support. “A large and continuously increasing number of customers have been asking for help in marketing initiatives. The acquisition of Zarget will enable the company in providing support to customers in the pre-acquisition journey as well,” stated Mathrubootham.

Zarget has been assisting businesses in increasing customer interactions, orders, and registrations on their website by offering user metrics, as well as data driven insights, using its CRO tools. Marketers can, now, take informed decisions on the basis of the insights attained by using AB testing, session recording, heat maps, polls, and feedbacks. Freshworks looks to develop Zarget's marketing suite further and present the team with technology, expertise, operations, and access to customers through this acquisition.