Water Treatment Equipment Market

Published Date : Sep 08, 2014

The scarcity of water across the globe and the growing demand for fresh and clean water has given a tremendous impetus to the water treatment equipment market. By 2017, this market is likely to grow to USD 130 billion. Growing concerns for health risks, worries about biological wastes being dumped in the environment, fears about supply of hazardous byproducts in water supply, and stricter rules for manufacturing industries to process water has really given water treatment equipment market a great fillip. 

The immediate forecasted markets for water treatment equipment sector are commercial, residential, and resource extraction markets. On the other hand, larger manufacturing and municipal markets are likely to grow at steady rates.

The reason for rise in resource extraction market is due to the treatment required for water produced while extracting natural gas and oil. The treatment of this particular water, in a bid to reuse and recycle it to integrate it back into expanded hydraulic fracturing activities, is thoroughly driving the market demand. This demand is most likely to fuel conventional filtration systems market.

The water equipment need pertaining to commercial and residential markets will recover from economic recession on the backdrop of increasing need for better quality of drinking water, and growing commercial and residential construction sites. This rise in demand is likely to benefit deionization, disinfection, and point-of-entry membrane filtration equipment.

Additionally, the greater necessity of supreme quality of water in numerous applications will give an impetus to techniques like reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, disinfection equipment, and nanofiltration. 

Lastly, the demand for water treatment equipment in manufacturing sectors will also be pushed upwards by the need for recycling wastewater to reuse it. The ballast water treatment, which made a small start in 2012, is also expected to grow exponentially in the coming years.

The reports below give you a comprehensive view of what the water treatment equipment market must look forward to. Most of these reports use the Poter’s five forces analysis to determine the factors that are to influence this sector.