The Weather Company and xtLytics Develop Model to Curb prevalence of Infectious Diseases

Published Date : Aug 29, 2017

The Weather Company, a venture by IBM, and xtLytics, have developed a specified model in collaboration for reducing the spread of infectious diseases. The analytical tool is already introduced in medical and healthcare centers across a number of countries and is said to assist medical professionals in providing better treatment. The Noida-based Solution Excellence Center will combine the proficiencies of weather data and analytics to understand the role of weather conditions in the prevalence of a disease in a better way.

Deepak Mittal, the CEO at xtLytics, stated that they have created algorithms aimed at vector borne diseases by using IBM's data. “A number of diseases, infections, and allergies are associated with the weather and xtLytics and The Weather Company are going a level deeper on how the data on diseases various diseases, such as dengue and chikungunya can be utilized, he added.” The model will help in predicting the probability of the outburst of any disease fifteen days in advance. It targets to improve inventory management at hospitals, enhance patient care, and make consumers aware of various drugs. The projecting nature of this model will offer high level of understanding of the connection between climatic conditions and personal health and help in preparing for geographic-centric epidemics.

In a separate event, IBM has announced a collaboration with four research institutes in a bid to study the impact of human microbiome on various autoimmune diseases. The project is named as the Microbiome Immunity Project.