Magna’s Max4 to Compete in the Self Driving Vehicles Arena

Published Date : Sep 01, 2017

Auto provider Magna International Inc report that they are building up a framework which auto manufacturers can utilize to empower vehicles to self-drive without requiring cumbersome sensors on top of the roof or any concessions to the styling of the vehicle.

Magna is part of a few noteworthy car innovation providers contending to benefit from helping auto manufacturers offer robotized driving capacities in vehicles of the future. Continental AG, Delphi Automotive, Siemens AG and Japan's Denso Corp are among the significant auto providers taking a leap into the race of self-driving vehicles against established enterprises, for instance China's Baidu Inc, Waymo and Intel Corp.

Magna made a statement that their Max4 framework is intended to give completely self-sufficient driving consolidating cameras, LiDAR and ultrasonic sensors, along with a computational platform coordinated into the vehicle’s body. Current autonomous vehicle designs depend on LiDAR sensors placed over the car’s rooftop. The technology making up Magna's Max4 platform enables fully-automatic emergency braking options and other active safety features, which could definitely help in avoiding accidents, before automation takes up the activity of driving completely.

Automakers will be in charge of updating the frameworks to empower self-driving. Magna reports that the Max4 system can be planned to be designed with the goal to turn on the self-driving feature whenever required using a button, and turn it off by either the brake or a hatch.

Magna presented the Max4 framework right before the Frankfurt automobile expo, which opens to all on Sept. 16.