TCS Plans at Creating Brand Identity for its AI Product Ignio

Published Date : Sep 04, 2017

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has been one of the forerunners of innovation in the technology sector. While it has its name attached to several path breaking innovations over the last few years, TCS has recently engaged its resources to create a brand for its artificial intelligence product called Ignio. To further the goal, TCS has already hired resources from several US companies to boost sales of Ignio as a standalone products. Analysts says that the move is akin to building a software company with a newer model as compared to its traditional services.

TCS is focusing to establish Ignio brand as a standalone with minimal TCS branding. For the purpose it has also created a separate website for Ignio. Digitate is the unit housing Ignio and is referred to as a TCS venture.

Digitate Global Head Shares Crucial Details Regarding Ignio

Talking to media, the global head of Digitate, Harrick Vin that that TCS is looking forward to sell Ignio as a product hence it is necessary to create a brand for it. TCS has become a humongous service brand, however, the company wants to establish Ignio as a standalone product. From sales and branding perspective it is therefore important for Ignio carves a niche thus creating an identity for itself.

Vin also revealed that the pipeline for Ignio as an individual product is larger than services contracts. He also added that the company is focusing on patents as factor boosting valuation. Already 80 unique patent requests are filed globally. This again is a step taken toward create an impressive portfolio of patents. Vin said that it was a strategically important thing to do for companies.

Up until now, IT companies across India have sold their AI platforms as a part of services they offer. TCS is however among the first few to sell its AI platform as a standalone product.