Twitter Aims at Shoppers with New ‘Buy’ Button

Published Date : Sep 09, 2014

After a reportedly long time in the making, Twitter has divulged that it is testing a system that lets users embed ‘Buy’ buttons in their tweets. The button will let users immediately purchase a product, which effectively turns the social networking site into a business services platform.

Twitter spokespersons said that a small number of Twitter users in the U.S. will now see the ‘Buy’ button from Monday. The number of users who will see the button will steadily increase, as the developers of the social networking platform continue working on bug fixes and improved tracking.

The company wrote in its blog posts that this is a big step in incorporating functionality into Twitter. They wish to make shopping from mobile devices a convenient and fun experience. The company has duly acknowledged its attempts to convert the social networking platform into an e-commerce sector, after Twitter users started reporting by the early summer that they were seeing non-working ‘Buy’ buttons in their feeds.

Jim Prosser, a spokesman for Twitter, said that the company is testing the technology within the company. The ‘Buy’ button will not be fully functional for external users yet. He also mentioned the tweets that include the ‘Buy’ button are not really advertisements or even sponsored tweets. They will be tweets that any individual makes for any business they are affiliated to, and their followers can receive the feed as usual, with the addition of the ‘Buy’ button.

The move is said to generate more appeal for outside businesses to start using and promoting themselves on Twitter, which will simultaneously drive the site’s advertising traffic revenue.