Facebook Ads to Disqualify Publishers who Promote Fake News and Content

Published Date : Sep 14, 2017

Facebook has released an update to its advertising guidelines, a monetizing program for publishers who have substantial number of followers. Facebook has urged publishers to stick to authentic information and refrain from misinforming their followers, or they will be adjudged ineligible for its advertising program.

Facebook has developed the technology for its hugely popular social media platform to serve ads links directly into text and video content. Now they are asking the potential publishers not to fuel fake news, as it reflects badly for the advertising brands.

With the ubiquity of smartphones, social media has been luring people across the world at a phenomenal rate, which in turn is also raising an issue pertaining to authenticity or the facts of the information. Recent US election only added fuel to the fire when Facebook platform was used to spread misinformation from false accounts. Over hundred thousand were paid for those misleading ads, probably linked to Russia.

While this move quickly turning into a necessity, this also makes Facebook’s advertising program one of the most-stricter as compared to what is allowed in the community. Facebook already bars content that shows too much alcohol or drug consumption, glorifying tragedies of the real world, children in humorous effects, and derogatory language.

One of the most difficult part of this new guideline would be that Facebook will have to decide which information is safe enough for its advertisers, for which they have taken the help of a network of third-party face verifiers. Facebook will also allow advertising for accounts that have been online for at least a month.