Nicotine in e-cigs might increase risk of heart diseases

Published Date : Sep 21, 2017

A research published in the American Heart Association’s Journal stated that nicotine is not as harmless as many smokers believe. In a test, healthy non-smokers were given to smoke just one electric cigarette with nicotine. These healthy non-smokers were diagnosed with the same biological marker, which increases heart disease risks in tobacco smokers. The nicotine can affect a smoker’s health in many ways, and not only by triggering addiction. 

Substitutes for Smoking are found to be Hazardous Too

Co-author of the study, Holly Middlekauff, who is also a cardiologist at the University of California referred an old saying stating that the smokers smoke because of the nicotine, but die because of the tar. Believing in this saying, people adopt to nicotine patches and gums to avoid tar. Nowadays, electronic cigarettes are getting more popular as they think vaping is less harmful than smoking.

As the use of e-cigarettes has recently emerged, its long-term effects are still unspecified. Furthermore, the scientific community has varying notions about e-cigarettes. For instance, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that there are no evidences showing e-cig as a cessation tool. However, a renowned medical group in the UK suggested cigarette smokers to adopt e-cigs to quit smoking. In the meantime, the study on effects of e-cigs on health is developing. In 2015, a study developed that e-cig vapor affects the immune system of mice in a negative manner. Furthermore, last year, a research discovered that e-cigs produce 31 harmful chemicals, some of which can cause cancer.

Although research on the effect of e-cigarettes is still in the developing stage, researchers suggest that the non-smokers should not start smoking e-cigarettes because they are not harmless.