Google Throws Hat in Ring with Mini and Max Launch to Compete Apple, Amazon

Published Date : Oct 05, 2017

Google’s Home Mini and Max launch has given a strong boost to the company’s Home smart speaker line. More noticeably, these additions have been considered to be fighting fit to compete against the other big giants, i.e. Apple and Amazon. The premium, bassy speaker, Google Home Max has been priced at a US$399.0 while the hockey puck-sized speaker, Google Home Mini has borne the price tag of a US$49.0. The Mini has been anticipated to target the US$49.0 Amazon Echo Dot while the Max could be pitting against Apple’s HomePod priced lesser at a US$349.0.

Linking of Multiple Speakers, Otherwise to Other Google Home Speakers, Possible

The Mini holds four LED lights and a five-watt speaker underneath its cloth cover. While restricted color options and disk shape of the smaller version of Home might not find the best match with one’s decor, the Mini could be more desirable than Amazon Echo and Echo Dot bearing black plastic. It has a mute switch along the faintly rubberized bottom and not been powered with USB-C but micro-USB. On the flipside, the Max has been equipped with “smart sound,” an exceptional AI-enable feature. It also flaunts LED indicator lights and has been cloth-covered and equipped with AUX port, just as the Mini.

Google has a different approach toward its Home products, which could be evident that all Home speakers will have the same Assistant functionality capabilities, such as the Voice Match. Expected to land in stores in October and November respectively, the Mini and the Max along with Google Home could be staring down at the likes of Amazon and others.