Indian Healthcare Firm to Treat Mental Health of Employees with Stress Day Off

Published Date : Oct 10, 2017

Ahead of October 10 marking the World Mental Health Day, DocsApp, a Bengaluru-based healthcare company in India, had declared Monday that its employee sick leaves will now include mental healthcare. In a company statement, it has been revealed that the DocsApp team will receive a Stress Day Off so that its members could pay attention to their mental health. The mobile app facilitates users to contact specialist doctors without hassle and whenever required.

CEO Satish Kannan has made a very important statement which notes that an employee being sick due to a mental health issue is never considered for sick leave. In fact, sick leave is automatically associated with physical illness.

DocsApp to Bridge Gap between Sick People and Specialist Doctors

Kannan had continued to educate that people are hindered from getting help from a specialist doctor because of lack of information about issues related to mental health. It could be the need of the time to highlight the significance of reaching out to a specialist for treatment and consultation. At first, people need to be informed and educated about treating mental health issues. DocsApp further added that the introduction of the new leave will allow employees to care for their mental health and also stay productive.

As per a World Health Organization (WHO) study, India is one of the leading nations of the world where people battle with anxiety and depression. Every year, the organization observes the World Mental Health Day with a view to increase awareness about mental health.