Apple Partners with Steven Spielberg for New TV Strategy, Move into Original Content

Published Date : Oct 11, 2017

Apple has announced that it would be shaking hands with Steven Spielberg for a business dealing with the revival of his old show, Amazing Stories, which was broadcast on NBC in the 1980s. The tech company has said it would be making a deal with NBCUniversal. The story has been broken by the Wall Street Journal which says Apple would be doing 10 episodes of the new Amazing Stories show. The company may be paying more than a US$5.0 million per episode.

While Apple did not have any comment on the deal, NBC seemed to be quite excited about the partnership. Jennifer Salke, president of NBC Entertainment, has said that the entertainment company loves being at the vanguard of Apple’s scripted programming investment.

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It could be quite clear that Apple would be shelling out a bunch of heavy bucks on TV shows while engaging a lot of A-list talent. Earlier, the company had said that it is willing to spend more than a US$1.0 billion on its own shows and quite serious about TV, so much so that it could be hiring two Sony producers. There could be even news about Apple outbidding Netflix to secure rights for doing shows with Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston. There have been rumors about the company being interested in the James Bond business.

Is Apple viewing this as an exclusive, costly marketing campaign for iPhones and other hardware? Is there a new subscription plan about to show face, where content would only be a part? Only time will tell.