Google Heeds to Frustration of Consumers, Drops Headphone Adapter Price to US$9

Published Date : Oct 23, 2017

Google Pixel 2 users could now buy headphone adapter for a lowered price of US$9.0 after the company announced the price cut from a US$20.0. Just as the iPhone 7, Google has dropped the headphone jack feature in the Pixel 2. Users will need to use a dongle adapter offered by Google to connect standard headphones. While one of these dongles has already been provided with the Pixel 2, buying a second one was previously expensive considering the earlier price.

Killing headphone jacks has seemed to be a trend with smartphone manufacturers. However, Samsung and OnePlus have been resisting this trend. Nevertheless, Samsung consumers could be expected to not to be surprised if the Galaxy 9 lacks a standard headphone jack.

Convenience and Affordability of Wired Headphones Oppose Decision of Smartphone Makers

The reason why consumers have been reportedly upset with smartphone makers dropping the standard headphone jack could be the matter of convenience and affordability. Clearly, wireless headphones are costlier than standard headphones. Moreover, almost every smartphone user has a pair of 3.5 mm headphones.

On the smartphone manufacturers’ side, the benefits of dropping the headphone jack may not be that clear, but they are certainly on the scene. Smartphone makers have been long pursing the trend of slimmer and smaller models. In order to suit their products to this growing trend, manufactures have been looking to lose as many components as they could. And, one of the usual casualties of such design philosophies are headphone jacks. However, companies such as Apple could have more reasons to kill headphone jacks–to forward its plans associated with the future of audio technology.