Google Play, iOS Break App Revenue and Download Records in Q3

Published Date : Oct 24, 2017

Q3 2017 has witnessed record levels of app downloads and revenue, as per a new report by App Annie. Almost 26.0 billion downloads have been touched worldwide via Google Play and Apple App Store, up by an 8.0% during the same time the year prior. Interestingly, this statistic only includes new downloads, not app updates or reinstalls. App revenue has reached a US$17.0 billion, said App Annie. Persistent growths in downloads could be witnessed globally as smartphone penetration improves in emerging markets that account for most of the download growth.

App Annie has found India to be a major contributor to Google Play’s download growth. The country doubled downloads from Q3 2016 through Q3 2017. China, on the other hand, contributed mainly to the download growth of iOS while registering a higher Q-o-Q growth rate since Q1 last year. Google Play has upped download growth by a 10.0% since 2016, leading iOS.

Consumer Spending to Top US$100 Billion and Downloads to Reach 240 Billion by 2021

In terms of consumer spending, iOS has led Google Play in Q3 2017. iOS consumers have spent nearly double than consumers using Google Play. Y-o-Y growth rates of an above 25.0% have marked the record levels of consumer spending reached by both app stores. South Korea has been treading on the heels of China with respect to larger overall consumer spending on both platforms. Higher grossing app, Lineage M could be attributed for South Korea’s personal best performance in the quarter.

Entertainment apps such as Tencent Video embraced a colossal growth on iOS whereas HBO NOW on Google Play. Q-o-Q consumer spending in this category has been up a 45.0% on Google Play and 30.0% on iOS. App Annie has also noted that consumers spent nearly 325 billion hours using apps, up a 40.0%, in Q3.