Patent Filing by Samsung Unveils Plans to Bring Out Dual Wireless Charging Pad

Published Date : Oct 25, 2017

After Samsung’s efforts to dive into the field of wireless charging, it has been clear that Apple could not be the only company making massive headlines regarding the development of the technology. Apple’s AirPower multiple wireless charging pad for iPhones has made quite some noise in the mobile technology industry, not to forget the gradually growing popularity of Samsung’s Dual Wireless Changing Pad. These are different from present-day wireless charging technology which charges only one device at a single time.

According to a patent filing of Samsung, the charging pad will not only charge the company’s devices but any Qi-compatible device. This will be made possible due to the use of both resonate and inductive wireless charging working on the Qi wireless charging standard.

Charging Pad to Use Both Inductive and Resonate Wireless Charging

Similar to those of previous charging pads, Samsung’s dual wireless charging mat will reveal a puck-shaped design by its looks, only to shout out loud about its enough room to charge a watch and a phone or two phones. The wireless charging pad could use resonate charging for one device and inductive charging for another. Having mentioned all the hype about this new wireless charging gadget, the fact that it is only a patent could push the possibility of the product not being released ever. Yet, Samsung could fancy its chances of releasing it alongside Galaxy S9 or simply barefooted to compete against Apple.

With the course of time, wireless charging technologies have been anticipated to get better, taking cue from the progress of companies such as Energous.