Apple Mobile Devices Foreseen as Platform for Artificial Intelligence

Published Date : Oct 26, 2017

Technology giant Apple Inc. envisions its mobile devices to serve as a significant platform for artificial intelligence in the future, as stated by the chief operating officer. Apple’s latest release iPhone X, which opens for pre-booking this week, uses artificial intelligence (AI) features that are embedded in the company’s latest A11 chips.

Other new features of the phone include facial recognition such as Face ID that maps a mathematical model of a person’s face. The feature will allow users to sign in to their phones or make a payment merely with a steady glance at their phones.

iPhone X Framework to Support Development of Newer Apps

The frameworks that have been used, the neural engines incorporated in the phone, in the watch are being viewed to hold immense potential for the future. The company foresees the frameworks to provide a platform for developers to create apps that will bring about a revolution in this space. The details of the phone were revealed at the 30th-anniversary celebration of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, which was attended by global tech executives.

Further, as stated by the chief operating officer, technological innovations particularly the ones that involve cloud and on-device processing will be a boon without compromising on privacy or security. On-device computing combined with the capability of artificial intelligence is akin an inflection point to change the world. AI could revolutionize the way healthcare is imparted- an industry that is ripe for change, the executive added. However, Apple’s integration of artificial intelligence would not only be limited to mobile phones.

Also, tech giants such as Facebook, Amazon, Alphabet Inc., and China’s Huawei are spending a large sum of money to develop and offer AI-driven services and products in the quest for new growth drivers.