HPE Join Hands with NASA to Foray into Space

Published Date : Oct 26, 2017

In the midst of bleak business activities, California based IT enterprise HPE is considering to foray into space as the new business frontier. HPE’s initiative Spaceborne Computer in coalition with National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), which is to test the longevity of a commercial supercomputer in temperature and radiation extremities in outer space might generate a new opportunity.

Prior to this, the team compromising Dr Goh Eng Lim- the principal investigator for Spaceborne Computer, Hewlett Packard Labs, and NASA carried out preparatory steps needed for project Spaceborne Computer. The team used an off the shelf computer and hardened it to withstand radiations in space.

Researchers Carry out Observational Initiative Prior to Actual Undertaking

As stated by the principal investigator, back in early 2014, the idea was to use massive computer capabilities that can be used to monitor vibration, temperature, transfer data, run applications in space and also perform analytics to find out issues on board. The idea was also to construct a hardened computer with the capability to run any apps and would be nowhere behind the super computer available on earth at the time of launch into space.

Further, the principal investigator stated, the experiment that involves the use of off the shelf computers in space for 12 months will be a precursor to the actual undertaking. It will help understand the type of hardened super computers that need to be developed to be used in deep space travels. The machine currently used operates on Linux operating system and can help determine the least compute power needed to save power in space.