60-Second Multi-Snap Videos Introduced by Snapchat for Android Users

Published Date : Oct 26, 2017

Snapchat has extended its 10-second restriction on recording multiple snaps for its Android users. The social media company has recently added a new Multi-Snap recording feature to its Android app, where Snapchat lovers could now record 60-second multiple snap videos. Multi-Snap recording has been made quite simple for users, where they only need to tap and hold the circular record button and maintain the hold for 60 seconds.

Right over the Record Key, several segments of 10 seconds each split by the app start to appear in small windows. However, the recording will be played in a continuous motion when added to a story or sent to Snapchat friends. Users have been advised to update the latest version of Snapchat if they are unable to use the new feature.

Snapchat Launches More Features to Amaze Existing Users and Recuperate Lost Users

Snapchat’s new feature had been previously made available only to iOS users when it was first introduced in July. Now, even Android users could use 60-Second Multi-Snap Video with the facility of deleting some of the videos and editing them individually. It has been expected to be functionally productive on the part that it allows users to capture more moments and actions. On the back of this feature, the social medial company may recover more users on Instagram, which now allows to record 15-second footages. Currently, Snapchat has daily users counting to 170 million, whereas Instagram boasts of 250 million daily users.

Snapchat has also launched Snap Map and Spectacles. However, the company is still sitting on nearly 150,000 unsold Snapchat programmed sunglasses, Spectacles.