Samsung-invested, New Zealand-based Wireless Charger Company, PowerbyProxi Bought by Apple

Published Date : Oct 27, 2017

Apple has acquired PowerbyProxi, a wireless charger maker based in New Zealand, as per its announcement made Wednesday. Fady Mishriki, founder of PowerbyProxi, started the company in 2007. Both the companies have not yet disclosed the terms of the transaction. However, the non-U.S. team will be a great addition to Apple’s wireless charging future, according to hardware engineering senior vice president, Dan Riccio. However, it could be said that Apple stepped into wireless charging fairly late than its rivals such as Samsung.

Wireless charging cancels the need to use a charging cable or adapter. Devices could be easily charged by simply placing them on a charging mat or pad.

Samsung also made Profit out of Investment in PowerbyProxi

Apple has been expected to have specific reasons in mind when it chose to buy out PowerbyProxi. For instance, the New Zealand-based company could manufacture wireless chargers capable of charging devices through their non-metallic materials. Such wireless chargers could support transfer of up to 150 W. Nevertheless, Apple has recently publicized a new wireless charging accessory, AirPower, which could charge more than one device simultaneously.

Apple’s recent acquisition has been anticipated to help the company manufacture giant charging mats, which could quickly charge multiple devices at a time. These wireless charging equipment have been predicted to charge even electronic scooters and laptops. It is still not crystal clear how PowerbyProxi would help Apple. However, Apple could continue producing 100 W power transfer modules for MacBook and other power hungry devices.