Steve Jobs’ BMW Z8 Available for Sale along with Accompanying Motorola Flip Phone

Published Date : Oct 30, 2017

Available on Craigslist is Steve Jobs’ 2000 BMW Z8 sports car! As per the listing, the Apple megastar had purchased the machine in 2000 and driven it more than often. However, as of today, the car has just completed 15,200 miles on the clock. In 2003, Jobs had sold the car, and it is presently on its fourth owner, according to the listing. On the license plate is the label “JOBS Z8.” This Z8 has been anticipated to bag a least of US$300,000 when it is placed for auction on December 6.

The Motorola flip phone, a BMW-branded, which came along with the Z8 was a device that Jobs hated particularly, although it had been an ever-present phone in that era.

Jobs’ Z8 Produced as 85th for First Year of U.S. Specification Production

When it was new, the Z8 had borne a staggering price of US$128,000 with only less than a 6,000 units built during the time. Except the Alpina editions, all of the Z8 cars had a naturally-aspirated V8 with a 4.9 liter capacity and capability of pushing around a 400 horsepower. It may not be the craziest or fastest BMW, but it could still be a significantly special car because of its uniqueness, ornate beauty, and scarcity.

The Z8 is an objectively gorgeous and a rather interesting car that is inspired by the 1950s’ classic BMW 507 sports car. Between 1999 and 2003, it was designed to be the make’s halo car by Henrik Fisker. Jobs’ Z8 is the 67th customer car within the recorded production of Z8s.