Apple and Qualcomm to Apparently Extend Payments Dispute to Hardware Level

Published Date : Oct 31, 2017

Apple and Qualcomm seems to have continued the feud in Q4. A report has indicated that one of the largest mobile device makers in the world will be dropping Qualcomm’s components out of its new iPads and iPhones. Instead, the company would make deals with perhaps MediaTek and Intel for modem chips. This has been another spat between the two companies over legal payments. A US$1.0 billion lawsuit had been posted by Apple against Qualcomm in January. In return, Qualcomm has been looking to hinder the sale and manufacturing of the iPhone in China. It filed a lawsuit against Apple earlier in October.

Qualcomm Stays Silent on Alleged No Role in Next-generation iPhones

Qualcomm has escalated tensions by refusing to provide software for testing its chips in iPad and iPhone prototypes. Although its chips have continued to show face in other devices such as the new Google Pixel phone, Qualcomm’s shares have dropped an over 15.0% this year. In the meantime, Apple has been making its case before the world about its possibility of becoming a US$1.0 trillion company.

According to Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, Qualcomm has been trying to charge the company a percentage of the total value of the iPhone. However, Cook has said that although Qualcomm works great with standards-essential patents, it is only a minor portion of what an iPhone is. It has nothing to do with many of Apple’s innovations on the part of the iPhone, the Touch ID, or the phone’s display.