Artificial Intelligence a gateway between technology and creativity

Published Date : Nov 01, 2017

When one thinks of technology, creating art is the last thing that can come to mind. Technology and art are seemingly disparate fields, however the two are set to come together to create something extraordinary. Creative fields are increasingly adopting emerging mediums such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence (AI) to produce immersive art experiences. And the results are astounding most of the time.

The emergence and evolution of artificial intelligence have taken creativity and sensory experience to a totally new level. Firstly, it can anticipate trends and answer customer queries followed by inspiring visual and aural senses to provide an interpretation of millions of data sets. In this regard, IBM’s Watson is an emerging medium that offers artists an opportunity to incorporate AI and produce real-life intelligent masterpieces.

Technology to have Unprecedented Influence on Fashion Industry, opine Fashion Gurus

Artists are already reaping the benefits what AI offers for creative pursuits. As opined by two strong voices in the Indian fashion circuit, intelligent technology is expected to have an unprecedented influence on the future of the fashion industry. The designer duo recently collaborated with IBM India to present a glimpse of the potential of artificial intelligence for creative pursuits. As a result of this collaboration, the designer duo presented India’s first artificial intelligence-inspired Western fashion collection. Concurrently, one of the two designers worked with Watson’s IoT integration and Personality Insights API to create the first AI-inspired saree gown.

Prior to this, Watson was given the task to go through almost 600,000 design and fashion images across the world to examine and comprehend a gamut of shapes, colors, and patterns.