Temporary Fix Released by Apple for Correcting Autocorrect Error in iOS 11.1

Published Date : Nov 07, 2017

iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone users who have updated to the latest iOS 11.1 version have been encountering an abnormal bug that corrects the letter “i” automatically to “A” with a question mark symbol. Business users have been particularly annoyed with this new bug because it is causing them problems to send professional messages from their Apple devices. Variation Selector 16, an invisible character, has been replacing the letter “i” due to the presence of the bug. It is actually a code that is typically applied to merge two characters into an emoji. However, only the “A” along with the question mark appears in this case but emoji.

Apple’s Support Post Assures Users of a Fix in Future Software Update

The bug had been reported by a number of users who purchased the iPhone X for a US$1,000 after it was released Friday. Apple had released a support document Saturday that published steps for dealing with the bug until the time the software is updated. It has been supposed to be worked around via the setting up of Text Replacement. The document has recommended users to go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement and then tap “.” For Shortcut, users have been required to type a lowercase “i” and for phrase, an uppercase “I.” According to 9to5Mac, users could disable the emoji keyboard in case this does not work.

In the last several months, Apple has been faced with many bug-related issues, such as the Broadpwn Wi-Fi attack, unencrypted Exchange credentials, and decryption of its secure enclave.