Twitter to Officially Double Tweeting Limit to 280 Characters

Published Date : Nov 08, 2017

Twitter has announced intentions to double its character limit from 140 to 280 characters, as per an official report. From first-day users to Donald Trump, everybody will have double the room to share their opinions. After testing out longer tweets, the social media platform had announced Tuesday about the doubling of its iconic character limit that shaped its identity. While only 1.0% of users had been demanding for increased engagement and more room, a greater percentage of people had been more likely to tweet because of the higher limit, Twitter said in a blog post.

For a number of users, the 280 character limit is still somehow too brief to be meaningful and too long to be brief.

Upper Character Limit Good for Twitter’s Business

Twitter had said in September that a new upper limit was undergoing a test since the English language could not accommodate as much information in 140 characters as Korean, Japanese, Chinese, or other languages. Prior to the tests limited to only a few users, approximately a 9.0% of tweets ran up right against the old character limit. However, the number declined significantly during the 280-character tests. Only a 2.0% of users crossed 190 characters and a mere 5.0% of them went north of 140 characters.

The tests did not seem to support the dystopian prophecies that Twitter would misplace the economy of language that has become its trademark and be overrun with longer texts. Conversations flowed faster due to the increased character limit, allowing Twitter to be used more and earn more revenue. The tests have revealed that the feared negatives did not come true.

Twitter has had no statement yet regarding whether it had experienced an increase in harassment since more characters could mean more room for abuse.