All Harmony Link Owners to Receive Upgrade to Home Hub for Free, Swears Logitech

Published Date : Nov 10, 2017

Logitech publicized Thursday that it will be offering a free upgrade to Harmony Link owners after the backlash since it intentionally decided to brick the hub next March. The upgrade will be in the form of a much better device with more features added – Harmony Hub. Earlier, the company had offered the Home Hub upgrade to only those customers whose Link was still under warranty. Out of warranty Links had been available for replacement with a 35.0% discount on the Home Hub priced at a US$100.0. However, the company will now refund such customers numbering up to 600 or so.

Upgrade Viewed as Better Use of Resources Directed toward Future-facing Products

Logitech Harmony head, Rory Dooley has cited two reasons for pulling the plug on the Link – expiring security certificate and small install base that comes with the required work to maintain it. Comparatively, the Home Hub has approximately 40 times more number of users. With a view to receive the trade-in, Link owners will not be required to have their device registered, said Dooley. In fact, Logitech will be proactive in reaching out to the owners to make the trade-in. Logitech will replace the Link even if the owners have not connected it to the company’s database.

In its apology tour, Logitech has also unblocked the phrase “class action lawsuit” on its forum which had been flooded with remarks of angry Link customers. The company has said the censoring out of the phrase was due to a list of blocked keywords – solicitation (even legal) is not allowed, according to Logitech’s Community Terms of Service.