IBM Takes Quantum Leap in Quantum Computing with 50-qubit IBM Systems

Published Date : Nov 14, 2017

IBM has publicized its telling achievement in the field of quantum computing, which has been regarded as an important advancement toward a more commanding way of processing information in the foreseeable future. The company is proud to have built a quantum computer that is capable of handling 50 quantum bits, or even qubits. Accessible via the company’s cloud computing platform, a 20-qubit quantum system has also been in the making, according to another announcement.

Quantum Systems to Tackle Problems outside Classical Machines’ Realm

By the end of this year, IBM would be making available online its first IBM Q systems sporting a 20-qubit processor. The company has also publicized that the new 50-qubit processor will be available to its clients in next-generation IBM Q systems. The 50-qubit processor has been explained to be the natural extension of the 20-qubit architecture. IBM researchers have been successful in preserving the quantum state for 90 microseconds in both its 20 and 50-qubit systems. Despite being an exceptionally short timeframe, it is still considered to be a new record in the industry since other quantum systems designed until this date have relatively restricted capabilities.

IBM’s announcement has come almost half a year after it announced in May about the development of a 17-qubit prototype commercial quantum processor. This processor has been supposed to form the basis of the first IBM Q early-access commercial systems. On account of some incredible feats of engineering and science, it has now become possible to scale IBM processors up to 50 qubits, as per a statement by AI and IBM Q, IBM Research VP, Dario Gil.