Rolls Royce Partners with Tata Consultancy Services

Published Date : Nov 16, 2017

Rolls Royce has found a new partner in Tata Consultancy Services to push its digital innovation efforts forward. The collaboration aims at adding value to the currently offered services by both the companies, alongside creating new opportunities for growth. According to the agreement, TCS will have to provide its digital platform capability to enable data to be taken and assessed, in order to gain an insight into the fuel efficiency, maintenance monitoring, third parties’ data, internal efficacy, and life cycle of the assets.

In addition to this, Rolls Royce will also be constructing an analytics hub in Bangalore, India, which is expected to cater to artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics. In an interview given to Economics Times, Neil Crockett, the chief digital officer at Rolls Royce, stated that the hub will let the luxury carmaker create its own ability by leveraging on the competence of TCS. Apart from this, the hub will also take care of innovative technologies and, eventually, contribute to the global market of Rolls Royce. The carmaker expects its strength to rise twofold in this hub by the next year. Furthermore, it will also be focusing on collaborating with established startups and SMEs from across the world, which can assist it in exploring newer growth prospects.

“While there is a lot of things happening around, the AI usage of applications have been a little on slower side. In order to keep a track of the actual progress, the company aims at creating teams and let them crack the challenges, which will permit them to experiment and be application-driven at the same time,” he added.