Shell Outlets in Europe to Function as EV Charging Stations

Published Date : Nov 27, 2017

Electric vehicles (EVs) have arrived and in all probability, they are here to stay. In this scenario, it becomes almost imperative for common fuel outlets to make the paradigm shift towards providing charging facilities to the consumers, especially when governments of various countries are offering subsidies to those who help in commercialization of green energy.

European Union has put strong impetus on electric vehicles and the charging business is expected to flourish in the near future. Taking a clue from that, Royal Dutch Shell Plc has announced that they will be linking with some of the major automotive companies to prepare for life beyond fossil fuel.

World’s second largest oil company, Shell, has made an agreement with Munich-based venture between BMW Group, Volkswagen AG, Ford Motor Co., and Daimler AG, called as IONITY. The agreement will bring EV charging facilities in 10 European countries, and adds to Shell’s growing acquisition the region, which acquired NewMotion last in October 2017.

As per the new collaboration between Shell and IONITY, 80 most prominent fuel stations of the company will have six posts each. At an average, it will take between five to eight minutes to adequately chare electric vehicles at each spot.

The dominance of fossil fuel such as diesel and gasoline seems to be over, particularly in countries such as France, China, and the U.K., as the governments of those nations are aspiring to phase out polluting energy resources over the next couple of decade. In the U.K., Shell started its first rapid-charging point for EVs last month.