Alex to Work with Third Party Apps on Amazon’s Fire TV

Published Date : Dec 01, 2017

The voice assistant of Amazon, Alexa, is now all set to work with third party apps on Amazon’s fire TV.  The list of apps that would now be available on it are CBS All Access, Showtime, Sony PlayStation Vue, NBC and Hulu.

Voice is all that is Needed to Operate Alexa

Earlier one could make use of Echo Show or Echo Dot, Echo to control and search playback of Amazon Prime Video TV shows and movies on Fire TV. Now voice can be used to control playback, change the channel, and to search.

For instance, if one says “Alexa, please play homeland.”, then one can watch homeland. Furthermore, voice can be used to fast-forward, pause, rewind, fast-forward 5 mins, start over or even go to the next episode. Thus, mere voice command is used to implement all these functions. However, those basic commands could also be used on Amazon Prime Video.

If there is no Echo that is paired with Fire TV, then one can actually press and hold a button of the Alexa voice remote or the app of Fire TV remote to look for and regulate the content that one would like to watch.

Owing to its growing popularity, the Alexa app of Amazon has become one of the most commonly used voice assistant in the market. The first Echo was launched in 2014, and since its launch, the online retailing giant, Amazon has sold over 20 million units of smart speakers in the Unites States. That accounted for 73 percent of the total market, as reported by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners.

The latest initiative of enabling Alexa work with third party TV apps is merely an effort by Amazon to expand the capabilities and consumer base of its voice assistant.