Shift from Coal to Natural Gas Proving Tricky for China

Published Date : Dec 11, 2017

Authorities in China’s chilly provinces in the north were ordered to keep the citizen there warm on a higher priority. The state media also reported previous week quoting a statement from the Ministry of Environmental Protection that the areas that were yet to be converted completely to gas were allowed to burn coal for heating purposes. Beijing, which allegedly stopped the use of coat for power and heating operation in March, asked to reinstate a plant its coal utilizing units due to shortages of gas, as per the report by Caixin magazine.

The easing on cutting down the use of coal came after some areas were reported to have hold off heating in households and ordered plants, business, and factories to cut down the use of power as there was not ample amount of natural gas.

Cutting down the dependence on the coal powered energy is very important to China’s move to curtail smog in the country, which can be significantly bad in the north as well as northeast regions that are base to the rustbelt and urban cities like Tianjin and capital Beijing. President Xi Jinping has made it a priority to switch to a cleaner power source, but the overall implementation across the nation has anything but smooth.

Shifting residential as well as industrial users to gas has pushed the demand up by 19 percent over the first 10 months of the calendar year, as per the data from National Development and Reform Commission of China.