Google to Launch AI Center in Beijing in Latest Development in China

Published Date : Dec 13, 2017

Google is striving hard for its push in China as it tries to establish itself in the region in terms of one of the most competitive field in technology – artificial intelligence.

The company said that the unit of Alphabet Inc. is expected to announce the launch of a new research facility in Beijing on Wednesday, December 13, 2017 during its second annual conference for developers in Shanghai. The Google AI China Center will consist of a small group of engineers and researchers who will be supported by several hundred engines based out in China.

Google has been planning its comeback in China for quite some time now, where it once defied the local government back in 2010 by declining to self-censor content on its search queries and later saw most of its services in the region blocked. The U.S. technology giant has been ramping the promotion and hiring of its TensorFlow AI tools, features of which Sundar Pichai, the Chief Executive Officer, highlighted while on his visit to China in the early days of December.

Managing director of Marbridge Consulting, a Beijing based firm, Mark Natkin said that Google is trying to show China it is contributing to the development of the nation with the help of creating multiple jobs, training several engineers, and finally developing a better tech proficiency base.

This move is also expected to help the Chinese government to make AI as a national priority, with policy makers in July announced the plans to create an industry that will generate an annual revenue worth US$60 billion or 400 billion yuan by 2025 and make China a global leader in AI science by 2030.