The News Lens Strikes Partnership Deal with Dawin, Top Video Studio in Taiwan

Published Date : Dec 15, 2017

The News Lens, a digital media startup in Taiwan, has landed a strategic partnership with one of the East Asia state’s leading film and video production firms, Dawin. The company had been launched just four years before, but it swiftly gained prominence in the recent time as it reached a greater number of younger audiences with the help of social media to become a more prolific news source. The partnership has been expected to be a giant leap in the company’s growth journey. The company publishes four online versions – an English site serving international visitors and Chinese sites for Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Partnership to Help Startup Create Original Programming, Land Distribution Deals

The News Lens could be able to produce weekly programs and more content with the help of the partnership making available several resources such as audio and video recording personnel and studios. The company, according to the agreement, will be producing videos for distributing on over-the-top (OTT) platforms, TV channels, and also its own sites. CEO Joey Chung has said that the company has been one of the region’s first digital media startups to achieve partnership with a leading video production firm. The company has been expected to raise its monetization prospects as it reaches to new demographics, including more affluent and older viewers.

CNEX and cofounder, Ben Tsiang has joined The News Lens’ roster of advisors and angel investors. The company has received another connection with a fleet of major media firms because of Tsiang’s presence.