Pandora Complain about Market Ignoring Company Potential

Published Date : Dec 20, 2017

The Chief Executive Officer of Pandora A/S, which has been held under siege by hedge funds this current year, said that the market is failing to acknowledge the growth potential of the jewelry maker. The management is trying to improve its communications so that they can get their message to their investors loud and clear.

CEO Anders Colding, while talking with Bloomberg via an email said the developments in the prices of share have attracted a lot of focus this year. He further expressed his disappointment with the fact that the share prices of the company have overshadowed the fact that the company did actually make a strong development on the business front.

Adding further he said that there are some forces in the share market that project against the stock prices of Pandora. However, that doesn’t seem to affect the company workers as per the CEO saying they will continue to work hard and deliberately create a great value for Pandora and its stakeholders.

Pandora found its losses go up to a third of its value after hedge funds spike up small bets based on the rumors the retail market in the U.S. is in trouble. But the market analysts have mostly stood by their purchase recommendations and high stock valuations. In November, Pandora’s share capital peaked at 12.8 percent for short interest. Considering that, it makes Pandora – the Copenhagen based jewelry giant – as one of most undervalued stocks across Europe, depending on the average cost targets.