T-Mobile Envisions to Venture into TV Services by Acquiring Layer3 TV

Published Date : Dec 22, 2017

T-mobile has transcended as the third largest telecommunications provider across the U.S. market, and has established itself as an ardent player in the industry. The market for telecommunications within US has attained a plush level of saturation which is compelling various companies to innovate new ways of capturing a greater market share. In a similar bid, T-mobile has acquired Layer3 TV to venture into paid TV business in 2018, thus, storming the market with increased speculations.

Changing Market Dynamics Post T-Mobile’s Diversification

The current fettle of the market is dominated by the regional cable operators and satellite channels including Playstation VUE, Youtube TV, and Hulu. The introduction of a subscription TV service by T-mobile comes as an intimidating standpoint for the cable and satellite operators who would face fierce competition hereon. Following its previous success in wireless, T-mobile aims to be the media to ‘build’ a TV source for consumers. The heads of the company have made ambitious claims to bring revolutionary changes in the way people view the TV-watching domain by assuring flexible subscription plans. The multiyear contracts which caused hassles for the customers would be remedied by the choice offerings given by T-mobile. The exorbitantly high bills after a poor customer service are amongst other issues that T-mobile aims to resolve with its new service segment.

The baseline for venturing into new and inexperienced avenues would be dealt with through the hands-on experience of Layer3 TV.The latter already has an established presence across the US markets, which is a positive sign for T-Mobiles. The industrial circles for telecommunications have engaged in much speculations about the acquisition.