Japan Adds $46 billion of Defense Budget for Missiles Technology

Published Date : Dec 22, 2017

Radical signs coming from North Korea, which has evolved its capabilities to shoot nuclear warheads to almost all parts of the world with human colonies, a number of countries with conflict with the rogue nation are increasing their focus on defense.

Neighboring Japan has announced that they will be incrementing their defense budget to US$46 billion (5.19 trillion yen), spending most of them to buy long-range missiles and develop technologies pertaining to missile defense. Also in the bucket list of incremented Japanese budget is to form a third layer of ballistic missile defense.

This is sixth straight increment in yearly defense budget that Japan has allotted for itself, making it a 1.3 percent over the past dozen of months. The Japanese cabinet has also given approval to an extra budget of 235 billion yen, out of which nearly 62 billion yen would be used exclusively for missile defense.

This incremented defense budget showcases Japan’s shifting focus which has so far concentrated on providing social security for its escalating geriatric population. Currently, Japan allots about 1 percent of its economy on defense, which is a 10 percent increase since PM Shinzo Abe took over back in 2012.

Japan is expected to introduce its Joint Strike Missile, which has been developed by Norway’s Kongsberg Gruppen ASA, while Lockheed Martin Corp. is building long range missiles such as LRASM for the country. Japan already has Aegis Ashore system developed by the former company and can shoot down ballistic missiles in mid-flight.