Apple to Introduce Newer Features for Parental Controls

Published Date : Jan 09, 2018

Apple Inc. revealed its plans to introduce new features that will help parents to have more control over how children use their smartphones. This announcement comes as response to the criticism from the two shareholders of the company about the over-engaging qualities of the iPhone and possible impact on the mental health of children due to the same.

A spokeswoman read out a statement highlighting Apple’s consideration of the matter and also stated aim of the company is to create powerful products that will educate, entertain, and inspire children while helping parents at the same time to protect the kids from online hazards.

iPhones and other Apple products operating on the company’s operating system, iOS, allows parents to restrict and control what their children can consume, including apps, songs, websites, books, and movies, the cellular data as well, according to the company.

The company has now planned to introduce new enhancements and features for the coming years, to add more functionality and make these tools more robust than before.

Activist investor Jana Partners LLC along with California State Teachers’ Retirement System wrote a letter to the company dating on January 6 urging the smartphone makers to develop more ways of parental control to monitor the access of phone to the children. They also asked the company to do research on the mental health of kids due to excessive usage of iPhone.

The investors cumulatively account for shares worth US$2 billion of the company and express their concern about the ‘growing societal unease’ in the country.