Chip Security Fixes Slows PCs not more than 10% - Intel

Published Date : Jan 11, 2018

Intel Corp is trying hard to settle the concern related with large scale vulnerabilities of chip security that will slow down the computers. The latest test results were released on Wednesday, January 10, 2018, showed that the personal computers won’t be much affected by this and the company has promised more data on servers.

The chip manufacturing giants released a table of information showing that the older processors handled the regular functions 10 percent slower at the most, after the computer was updated with security patches. The information mapped three generation of processors dating back to 2015, running on the Windows 7 and Windows 10 operating systems of Microsoft Corporation.

The senior Vice President of Intel, Navin Shenoy, who also heads the data center unit, said in his statement that the company previously predicted that the new security patches should not significantly affect the average computer users and the recent data shared by the company backs the claim. The company also plans to share the initial information on some of its server platforms in the coming few days.

Last, some of the biggest software and chipmaker companies, including Microsoft Corporation and Intel Corp, announced vulnerabilities that leave smartphones and computers susceptible to possible hacking. Researchers of Google last year discovered that new features, present in nearly all processors operating in phones and computers, could give unauthorized access to the cyberhackers to steal sensitive information.

Intel announced that the company have not yet received any report or information about any kind of loss of data due to the vulnerabilities in the processors.