Pfizer to Stop Researching and Working on Alzheimer’s Drugs

Published Date : Jan 11, 2018

Pfizer, a drug manufacturing firm has reported that it is stopping its research on Alzheimer’s medications. The US-based firm, which is a pharmaceutical monster reported that it would end its neuroscience revelation programs following an audit, and 300 occupations are likely to be stripped off. The Alzheimer's Society announced the news to be really a turn-off and a setback for the patients suffering from dementia. Alzheimer's Research UK suggested, “Organizations ought to be urged to put resources into investigate into neuroscience.” The step implies Pfizer will likewise quit searching for medicines for Parkinson's ailment as well. However the organization said it intended to make another reserve devoted to neuroscience in coming years.

An announcement from the organization stated: "We have settled on the choice to stop our neuroscience research and discoveries. The early funding are planned to be allocated to those territories where the scientific leadership is strong. It will enable us to give the best effect to patients."

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"Over 99% of experiments for Alzheimer's medications have back-fired in past years. "So organizations are reasonably wary, however we are also making extraordinary advances on the scientific grounds." Professor Spire-Jones included: "We've gained from these disappointments of experiments that we have to make a stride back and comprehend brain changes. "Right now we don't have a complete idea about the working of brain and memory in a sound mind." Pharmaceutical organizations including Janssen, Novartis, Abbvie, Biogen, and Eli Lilly are as yet creating solutions to treat Alzheimer's sickness and a representative for the ABPI (Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry).