True Fit Raised USD$55 Million to Target Better Business Growth

Published Date : Jan 16, 2018

As per the latest reports, True Fit has raised about USD$55 mn in type series C funding, which is expected to propel its growth tremendously. True Fit is a Boston based personalization platform that helps customers choose the most appropriate clothing and footwear that can fit perfectly.

More about True Fit Funding

The Funding was mainly led by Georgian Partners, along with others such as Cross Creek Capital and Signal Peak Ventures. Other businesses such as Jump Capital and Intel Capital also took part in the funding processes.

TrueFit mainly started expanding in regions such as North America, U.K. and Eurpe, along with substantial growth in Asia and South America in recent times. This expansion was carried out by True Fit by working with several other retailers and partnering firms. Such a way of expansion is mostly the norm in the startup industry, which involves working hand-to-hand with other firms and eventually reaching a respectable position.

In case of True Fit, they decided to tackle a more innovative solution than others. This involved ensuring customers that online purchased clothes can actually fit them, especially as they do not get a chance to try them before purchasing them. In order to achieve this purpose, the company assembled a data platform, which mainly received all the data that is gleaned from the clothes a customer has purchased before. This data is then compared with the ones that the customer is thinking of buying, thus ensuring their perfect fit. In this way, True Fit also helped boost the confidence of consumers related to this issue, along with reducing the chances of returns.

According to the CEO of True Fit, William R. Adler, the company has decided to increase its offered services, and not just restrict themselves to provide perfectly fitting clothes. With respect to this development, the company has started to offer personalized recommendations to customers regarding apparel and footwear products.