Samsung’s New Models Debugs Issues with Iphone-X’s Display

Published Date : Jan 22, 2018

A new patent reveals that Samsung may have found a mechanism in its phones that debugs the display problems experienced by Iphone-X users. When Iphone-X released, it was anticipated that the phone would advent an era of ease and effectiveness of display. However, several users have complained of a notch that disturbs the integrity of the screen at the top. This also distorts the aesthetics of images and makes it difficult to concentrate on them. Samsung’s new patent shows that a flexible OLED screen comprising of several holes would sync the operation of the speakers, cameras, and other sensors.

Uniqueness of New Models to Attract Customers

Samsung has come to terms with the realization that the users give prime importance to the phone display. Hence, if the new patent is to be believed, the new model would allow text or words to wrap around the holes of the OLED screen, making it easy to read through the entire text without skipping the important parts. Even the face ID system introduced in Iphone-X could be challenged by Samsung in the coming times. As a mark of distinction, Samsung does not have any plans to get rid of the home button.

Round-up of Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+

Characterized by a prolonged battery capacity, the new Samsung galaxy S9 is expected to have a battery capacity of 3200mAh. The president of Samsung’s mobile division revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung S9+ would be launched towards the end of February at Mobile World Congress (MWC). It would be interesting to see the extent to which new models can outdo the competitor’s models.