Samsung Set to Introduce its Full Wind-Free Cooling System at AHR 2018

Published Date : Jan 23, 2018

The heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVACR) industry, which is concerned with the comfort of interior spaces and vehicular indoors, is soon to witness a new addition on the product list. Samsung aims to introduce its full wind-free cooling system line up at the International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerator Exposition (AHR Expo). There are plans to reveal Samsung’s 4Way Cassette, and also expand the Max Heat series. The Max Heat series made news last year for being 100% efficient in producing high levels of heat. The AHR 2018 expo could be a harbinger of a lot of nascent innovations made by Samsung.

Technologies and Innovations on Display

Samsung’s Wind-Free advanced cooling technology would be demonstrated to the visitors at the Expo in order to help them understand the difference between normal cooling and wind-free cooling. 4Way Cassette equipped with a motion sensor that detects the position of a person to shed air in that direction would also be on display. The innovations and expansions made by Samsung to the existing line of products will also be manifested, like the DVM S Eco and the Max Heat series. A fresh air system called Fresh Access shall also be displayed at the expo. All of these products are expected to penetrate households and commercial spaces by the end of this year.

The expo, that is to last between 22nd-24th of January would unravel technologies introduced by a number of other players as well. It would be interesting to see the response of the visitors because this expo is one of the most awaited events for the HVACR industry.