Seattle Startup Gets Backing from Cavallo Ventures by Growing Worms

Published Date : Feb 02, 2018

Who knew that there is money by growing mealworms? But, apparently as per the latest news, Cavallo ventures is providing seed-round backing to a Seattle-based startup called Beta Hatch, which deals with growing mealworms as animal feed. Cavallo ventures is a venture capital brand of the Wilbur-Ellis agricultural product distribution firm. In the animal feed based industry, Beta Hutch is Cavallo Ventures first investment.

Organic Waste Consuming Worms to Get Funded

Beta Hatch is coming out with a proprietary process that makes worms consume organic waste. Doing this can make them create critters that have about 33 percent fat and 56 percent protein. Such nutrients are reportedly supposed to form a good animal feed. This company was first founded in 2015 by Virginia Emery, a prominent entomologist. According to the founder, the process of making the animal feed needs minimum amount of water. The processes also help produce protein at about 5,000 times a single acre yield of soy crop.

As per the company, the processes involved in making the animal feed provides an alternative option to fishmeal. The latter is a preferred source for protein being fed to pigs, cultured fish varieties, and other poultry animals. Apart from the feedstock existing in the form of mealworms, which are rich proteins, the manure formed by these organisms, which is called as frass, can also be utilized as a highly efficient organic fertilizer for special crops.

According to Andrew Loder, the president of Wilbur-Ellis Feed, Beta Hatch’s technology is expected to make their partners receive fresh and highly nutritious protein supply throughout the year. In this way, sustainable as well as environmentally friendly processes can be carried in a perennial sense. The president of the company further says that this is a perfect a win-win situation that exists for Cavallo Ventures as well as for their customers.