A New Location Based Attribute Could Be Added By Tinder This Year

Published Date : Feb 08, 2018

2018 is all set for Tinder to bring in a few changes in their highly popular dating app. An entirely new series of features based on location would be added, according to the owning company Match Group who made the announcement during the discussion on earnings received in the fourth quarter of 2017.

Tinder Drops Hints Regarding New Location-Based Features

In contrast to this announcement, Tinder has not properly revealed what the changes could be. According to spokespersons from this company, the changes could blur the distinction between real and digital life dating, and between dating and enjoying social life. Such mysterious clues might reveal that Tinder aims at an expansion based on social network scenarios for young and single people, rather than just focusing on making relationships work.

Earlier, Tinder had noted that its plans to set up location-based settings that can increase the chances to attract more audience, thus improving the idea of a modern dating system. The location based features consist of individual attributes, wherein each attribute will pile on to the earlier ones. However, the company has still not announced how exactly this will work. Currently, Tinder helps users search for matches based on the distance from their location, and in a different city through its paid portal called Tinder Passport. However, many users have dropped requests for features that can help sort out matches by location or by visualization that can be seen in an inbuilt map.

If speculations are to be made, a location-based toggle feature is expected to be released, wherein a live location can be temporarily shared. This temporary location can prove beneficial for users who are looking forward to meet people in an outdoor environment. According to Tinder, the company would out a lot of emphasis on user intent, wherein displaying and filtering out certain match types may be released based on location.